Environmental Protection Act Prosecutions

Barnes Solicitors  have one of the most experienced, if not most, experienced housing departments for dealing with private prosecutions against social landlords under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in London.

If your property suffers from problems such as damp and mould or a mouse infestation then under Section 89 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 you can serve a notice on your landlord giving them 21 days to abate the nuisance at your property. So long as you provide access to your landlord on its request, if your landlord fails to abate the nuisance within the 21 days after service of the notice then Barnes Solicitors will commence a prosecution in your local Magistrates’ Court to obtain an abatement order requiring your landlord to abate the nuisance. You may also be awarded compensation if the nuisance is still present at the date of the final hearing.

This process is not used by many law firms, we at Barnes Solicitors believe it is a very effective way to get your landlord to deal with very serious problems at your property.

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